2 responses to “UK social housing performance over the last 30 years”

  1. Alan Wallace

    Very useful review. It strikes me that we could do with two or three “must do” policy recommendations which those who want to see a transformation of social housing provision could push at candidates in any election which might come about ….perhaps sooner than we think. Before the last election Labour seemed to propose that social housing funding provision could be provided through the proposed National Investment Bank. Would Social Housing not consume a huge proportion of any investment made available in the proposed regionally structured NIB. Would it (social housing) not need an element of grant assistance or at least fixed low interest rates? I suppose interest rates are not an issue just now, but… Will Labour push back against the private rented sector with stronger regulations and perhaps…..rent controls? Would a depressed private rented sector not push many houses back on to the market at perhaps reasonable prices? What would your “must do” recommendations be John? By the way, on the other matter we exchanged emails about, I have not heard back from the Guardian!. AW