This blog is a collection of writings that have mostly appeared somewhere else first, as well as links to publications and projects in which I’m involved.

The site straddles my interests in housing (mainly in the UK), migration (mainly in the UK, but also relating to Latin America) and environment and energy issues (in both UK and Latin America).

Interwoven with these are more personal pieces about living in Nicaragua or Latin America more generally, some of which are political and some about life or wildlife, based around the farm that Abi and I live on in Masaya.  Some of these have been published elsewhere and some not.  There is also a page about projects with low-income communities in and around Masaya.

The red-eyed tree frog (at the top of the page) lives on the farm along with many other animals (although many of the wild ones are harder to spot than he is).

The photo here is the south-east side of the active Masaya volcano, taken from the far side of the valley that the farm straddles, and where we are restoring the dry tropical forest.

Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua