8 responses to “Is Nicaragua really the world’s ‘most dangerous country’ to be an environmental defender?”

  1. Elizabeth Davies

    Hi John. Is the government of Nicaragua really doing enough to sort out the land conflicts and ensuring safety and security for the Mayangna and Miskito communities caught up in these conflicts? Who is funding the front of cattle ranching and colonos entering Indigenous territories in the RAAN?

  2. Aristides

    Global Witness and the Guardian are both bias and should clarify the truth, don’t be irresponsible, Nicaragua is living in peace and prosperity, there’s no one kidnapped, no maras, we are a contentious war against the drug trafficking, no journalist killed, how can you compare us with some failed states, can you try to be objective?

  3. John Perry

    Thanks for all the comments. Global Witness has responded in detail to the criticisms: their comments and our response to them will appear here in due course!

  4. Stevie Downes

    It seems that in its determination to simplify in order to justify the spread of its own agenda, the US is effective in leading other commentators to try to keep up with the headlines without digging deeper to the complexities. You have made these complexities clear. This muddying of the waters is even more apparent in the coverage of Venezuela and I find it difficult to counter the views espoused by my friends who read that coverage. In this case, I will be able to provide an ‘insiders’ view. Thank you for that.

  5. Julie Lamin

    Excellent, well-informed article.

  6. Anna

    Thank you, John. Proof, if ever it was needed that ‘one size really doesn’t fit all’ in environmental, political and activist matters. I am very fearful that the US will use such flawed statistics as an excuse to ‘attack’ another leftist government south of the border. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Kath Owston

    Very good and clear article John. So important to make these facts known. Hopefully it can be published in The Guardian.