2 responses to “Solar power has role to play in energy revolution”

  1. Charles Allen

    Before moving to Granada, I heard of the energy problems in the country, so I brought 5 different types of smaller room lights to keep my home light and able to do my work. After living here for some time, I recognized the lack, or dependency upon flashlights, so I ordered a crate of a very light “lights” that can be hung anywhere. They are solar and charged in 4 hours and last 8 to 16 hours a day depending on the level your use – medium, higher or emergency. They can last as long as 5 years; portable, very light and can be folded up. I purchase the cheapest light that is very durable, but after taxes and customs I sell them for 500 cortabas each and they can solve the problem of rom light for man families.

  2. Chris Mitchell

    Plug into the sun. What could be simpler or as efficient?