5 responses to “Planning starts on new Masaya projects”

  1. duane miller

    I’m in Nicaragua and just built a new house and then was told there is no electricity available for my house.

    My questions are: are solar lighting projects available commercially? How could I get my home solar powered? What local company actually does the work?


    1. admin

      Yes there are now several installers based in Managua. You could try Ecami and Technosol for example, but there are others. Systems for a whole house aren’t cheap, but they are reliable and of course mean you won’t be facing increased electricity prices as everyone else does. I would highly recommend the investment and we certainly don’t regret having installed solar power in our house about eight years ago.

  2. John Perry

    Theresa and Louise – many thanks for the comments!

  3. Louise Barnden

    Hi John, full of admiration as always at the wonderful work you are doing in Masaya. Louise B x

  4. theresa mcdonagh

    You are doing great work John. All the best,