5 responses to “Nicaragua a ‘Dictatorship’ When It Follows US Lead on NGOs”

  1. Kath Owston

    I’m sorry John, but what you have written here leaves me speechless. To quote you on this part alone: “just 440 over a period of four years. In more than half the cases, these NGOs have simply ceased to function or no longer exist. In other cases, they have failed (or refused) to comply with legal requirements, such as producing annual accounts or declaring the sources of their funding.”

    There have been to date at least 670 NGOs that have been closed down, many of those being in the past two months, with less than a week’s notice. We know a number of these organisations personally and we are in contact with their staff and Directors, so know what is happening on a day to day basis. The organisation my husband worked for is included, closed down after 40 years of sister city support, leaving children’s community projects now without funds, Nicaraguans without jobs, and whole rural communities without water projects and so on. Their paperwork was always submitted on time to the Government and was all correctly administered.

    Some organizations that were closed over a year ago have still not had their paperwork for legal closure processed by the Government yet. However, NGOs are being fined, their assets are being seized and they are being punished for not submitting documents even when those documents are sitting right there in front of them.

    Another British based NGO closed down last week leaving eleven employees out of work. This knock on effect to people’s lives has resulted in people desperately trying to leave Nicaragua for the U.S. The number has increased 735% in 2022. Not a typo. Tragically a good friend of ours who worked for our organisation, tried to cross the Rio Grande three weeks ago, through desperation to support his family. He drowned in the river. He was 43, a trained lawyer, and leaves behind a wife and two young children.

    These are desperate times.

  2. Mrs Rachel Munoz

    John, any more ideas on how to counter this? Is it ok to share your article on social media? So few people seem to be aware of this and you are the only regular source I’m aware of that shines light on it.

  3. Alan Wallace

    Thanks for this informative piece setting out the reality of the new regulations around non-profits. It does, though, generate a sense of powerlessness ….what more can be done to counter the corporate media message? to support your efforts?

    Alan Wallace