2 responses to “He was no ‘Sandalista’”

  1. Henk Slijkhuis

    I had the privilege of working with Klaus during many years for projects in Nicaragua and related common activities in Europe. His unstoppable energy and motivation was and still is a great inspiration. As long as we don’t forget him Klaus will stay with us.

  2. Michael Gerard

    I am sorry to hear of the death of Klaus. It is possible I met him at a meeting of the support groups forMasaya held in Leicester ages ago (1970s); however it is atragedy when anyone, such as Klaus, who has such a record of solidaruty with central American and Latin American support work, should perish.

    It seems that as veterans of these movements pass on it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit new people to jjoin support groups. I hope I am mistaken in this perception:it is only from anecdottal experience. May international support for each and every country become the norm, as we humans realise that we have only one world, and we must act together to preserve it to be a peaceful and fit place for all species, including humans, to inhabit.