4 responses to “After 2 Months of Unrest, Nicaragua Is at a Fateful Crossroads”

  1. Will Mahoney

    Yesterday, there was an update in the Washington Post on the situation in Nicaragua entitled “Nicaragua is on the path to becoming the next Venezuela”. The first paragraph of the story reads: “Forces loyal to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega deepened their crackdown on the country’s opposition on Wednesday, appearing to take full control of a rebel stronghold in the city of Masaya. A day earlier, heavily armed police and paramilitary fighters stormed the neighborhood of Monimbó, killing at least three people and taking 40 others into custody, according to a human rights group.”

    Personally, I feel very disheartened by this situation after spending 3 weeks in what seemed to be a very peaceful Nicaragua with a bright future earlier this year. What can the presently-dysfunctional US government do to help? One hundred years ago, we sent in the US Marines to stabilize Nicaragua but look how badly that turned out. Perhaps a united response from OAS members is needed but short of military intervention, would the government and opposition even listen to its neighbors anyway?

  2. Keith Burke

    Troubled and dangerous times for Nicaragua. It’s clear from your article that the situation is both complex and chaotic with many factors and factions involved, and that it’s not possible to present a single unified narrative of events. It is depressing that ‘respected’ international media outlets such as the Guardian and New York Times do not take the trouble to explain what is happening in a more balanced and thoughtful way or to present the wider picture without forcing a particular point of view. There is no excuse for this kind of lazy journalism especially when there is so much at stake for the people of Nicaragua. Whichever path the country takes, I do hope that a consensus can be reached by all parties and a return to peace can be achieved as quickly as possible. The alternatives which you have highlighted in the event of a power vacuum do not bear thinking about.