2 responses to “The Once Great City of Havana?”

  1. John Perry

    Apologies for the delay in approving this comment, I’ve been in Cuba myself. It’s true that the ‘jinoteros’ looking to get favours from tourists are annoying, but I think there are many other tourist cities with similar issues, and at least the Cuban variety are fairly easily dissuaded. It’s much better to get off the tourist track and then the problem disappears, while the real warmth of Cuban people becomes more apparent.

  2. Owen

    I was in Havana in late November 2013. I stayed in a restored building in the old part of town. It, the three main squares and the main streets connecting them were beautiful. However, I also went everywhere and I must agree – the city is falling to pieces. It needs massive investment and the dollars coming from foreign donations and UNESCO funds will not be enough. I did note that there were no child beggers, but the ongoing parade of adults trying to sell me God knows what was unremitting.