Here are links to reports, books and web materials about housing and migration in the UK in which I’ve been involved as author, contributor or editor.



Building Bridges: A guide to better partnership working between local authorities and housing associations, written jointly with Ross Fraser and Gemma Duggan, is published by CIH and ARCH. Appears on the Thinkhouse list of best housing reports for 2017.

The UK Housing Review Briefing Paper, written with Steve Wilcox, Mark Stephens, Peter Williams and Suzanne Fitzpatrick, is published by CIH.


At the invitation of my constituency MP, and in consultation with colleagues in the migration sector, I drafted a paper on Labour’s new immigration policy after Brexit.

The UK Housing Review 2017, with Steve Wilcox, Peter Williams and Mark Stephens.



JRF CIH Gypsies Travellers cover

Edited report by Jo Richardson and Janie Codona on Managing and delivering Gypsy and Traveller sites.


CIH ‘Sector Showcase’ on community cohesion.



CIH ‘How to…’ guide on tackling hate crime.


A CIH What you need to know about Brexit, migration and housing demand and eligibility followed by a CIH member webinar on the same subject.


The Case for Boosting the Supply of Sub Market Housing

A CIH report on the case for a post-Brexit boost to housing investment.

Investing in council housing CIH-CIPFA

Investing in council housing, a joint report by CIH and CIPFA on the devastating impact of government policy changes on councils’ ability to invest in new housing.




A new edition of Housing in Northern Ireland, including a chapter on race and migration.

Briefing cover

The UK Housing Review Briefing Paper, with Steve Wilcox, Peter Williams and Mark Stephens.


Evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs inquiry into Building More Homes.


UK Housing Review 2016

The UK Housing Review 2016, with Steve Wilcox, Peter Williams and Mark Stephens.


Pages from Practical implications of immigration checks on new lettings - update

Revised CIH briefing on Practical implications of immigration checks on new dwellings.



A report for CIH on right to buy for housing associations and high-value sales of council housing stock, Selling off the Stock.



A report for Orbit on fuel poverty and energy efficiency, Warm Homes, Better Lives.


CIH response to a consultation on tackling rogue landlords.



A report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on How to improve support and services for destitute migrants, with Heather Petch and Sue Lukes.

CIH evidence to the Home Office on immigration checks in the private rented sector.



The UK Housing Review 2015 Briefing Paper, with Steve Wilcox and Peter Williams.

CIH submission for the Chancellor’s June Budget.



The UK Housing Review 2015, jointly with Steve Wilcox and Peter Williams. Coverage of the publication includes the FT and the Independent.


New approaches to social value

CIH briefing on New Approaches to Social Value.



CIH briefing on the Practical Implications of Immigration Checks on New Lettings (now revised – see February 2016).


NFA briefing on energy efficiency in social housing, It’s not easy being green.


CIH submission to the Independent Commission on Local Government Finance


An essay in the CIH policy essay series, Why is it important to change local authority borrowing rules?


The UK Housing Review 2014 Briefing Paper, with Steve Wilcox and Peter Williams.


CIH submission to the Review of the local authority role in housing supply (the Elphicke Review).


UKHR 2014 cover

The UK Housing Review 2014, jointly with Steve Wilcox.

CIH webinar, viewable here: Migration to the UK and its housing implications.

Compas breakfast briefing with Sue Lukes on What shapes migrant destitution and what can be done about it? View the briefing summary here and the PowerPoint slides here.

Right Time Right Place cover

NFA briefing on the potential for ALMOs to work in the private rented sector, Right Time Right Place


An article for Town and Country Planning, What should be the gain from planning gain?

A CIH briefing on New Approaches to Tenant Insight.

An essay in the CIH policy essays series, If we don’t put the environment high on our list of concerns, it will.

CIH submission to the Lyons Housing Review.


MRN logo

An MRN briefing for the House of Lords when it deals with the Immigration Bill measures to introduce compulsory checks of immigration status for new private tenants.



A JRF briefing on the landlord immigration checks proposed in the government’s Immigration Bill.

Treating council housing fairly cover

Treating Council Housing Fairly – a new briefing on council housing and borrowing rules published by the National Federation of ALMOs.

A new series of Policy Essays for the Chartered Institute of Housing, which will continue into 2014.


The housing rights website has pages on helping destitute migrants. This link is to the basic advice for migrants, click on the housing advisers link for more detail guidance on tackling destitution.


Beds in Sheds and Rogue Landlords – a briefing published by the Migrants’ Rights Network


The CIH Housing Rights website with Sue Lukes and Sam Lister – updated with new rights for migrants from Croatia.

What you need to know about migrants’ eligibility for housing and benefits, published by CIH.


The UK Housing Review 2013 Briefing Paper, by Steve Wilcox and John Perry.


Evidence to the Home Affairs Committee Inquiry into Asylum submitted by JRF.


The UK Housing Review 2013, by Hal Pawson and Steve Wilcox. Published by CIH.

UK Housing Review 2013


Population Insight, a free tool provided by HACT to make 2011 census data on diversity in communities available to housing providers.



Let’s Get Building, a report about the potential for greater investment in council house building. Published by the National Federation of ALMOs.

Lets get building


The Housing and Migration Network’s UK Guide to Issues and Solutions. Published by CIH on behalf of the Network.

Housing and Migration Guide


UK Housing Review Briefing Paper by Hal Pawson and Steve Wilcox. Published by CIH.


How to… deliver excellent customer service. Published by CIH.

How to deliver excellent customer service


Greening your Housing Stock jointly with David Pipe. Published by CIH.

Greening your housing stock


UK Migrants and the Private Rented Sector. Published by JRF.



The UK Housing Review 2011/2012, by Hal Pawson and Steve Wilcox. Published by CIH.


UK Migration: The Leadership Role of Housing Providers. Published by JRF.


Housing and Inequality by Isobel Anderson and Duncan Sim. Published by CIH.

Housing and inequality

Managing Homeownership with Martin Green and Matthew Saye. Published by CIH.

UK Housing Review Briefing Paper by Hal Pawson and Steve Wilcox. Published by CIH.

UK Housing Review 2011 Briefing Paper

Building on the potential of ALMOs to invest in local communities. Published by the National Federation of ALMOs.

Selected earlier publications


Integrated in Brent with Azim El-Hassan, for Innisfree HA.

Integrated in Brent

Housing and the Customer, edited by Joanna Richardson. Published by CIH.


The Potential for House Building by Local Authorities – Can it be turned into bricks and mortar? with David Hall, for HouseMark.

Opening Doors: Improving housing services for refugees and new migrants. Published by CIH and HACT.

Opening Doors

Homelessness in the UK: Problems and solutions, by Suzanne Fitzpatrick and others. Published by CIH.

What do tenants want? – Globally! Published by CIH and Matrix Housing Partnership.

What do Tenants Want - Globally


The housing and neighbourhood impact of Britain’s changing ethnic mix. Published by JRF.

More Responsive Public Services? – A guide to commissioning refugee and migrant community organisations with Azim El-Hassan, for HACT and JRF.

A Guide to Engaging Muslim Communities with Azim El-Hassan. Published by CIH and Matrix Housing Partnership.

Housing, the Environment and our Changing Climate, with Christoph Sinn. Published by CIH.


Community Engagement in Housing-Led Regeneration: A good practice guide, with Sam Lister and Marilyn Thornley. Published by CIH.

Community Cohesion and Housing, with Bob Blackaby. CIH and the Housing Corporation.


Housing Finance, with David Garnett. Published by CIH (no longer in print).

Housing and Support Services for Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Published by CIH for JRF.

Earlier publications available as pdf files


Housing, ‘race’ and community cohesion, with Malcolm Harrison and others. Published by CIH.

ALMOs – A New Future for Council Housing, with Rachel Terry and Ian Doolittle. Published by CIH, NFA and HouseMark.


The Future of BME Housing Associations, with Mark Lupton. Published by CIH.


Empowering Communities: The Community Gateway Model, by HACAS Chapman Hendy and Trowers & Hamlins. Published by CIH.


Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Bringing Regeneration into Stock Transfer, by HACAS Chapman Hendy. Published by CIH.


Breaking Down the Barriers: Improving Asian Access to Social Rented Housing, by Peter Ratcliffe and others. Published by CIH.


New Structures for Coucil Housing? by HACAS and Trowers & Hamlins. Published by CIH and LGA.
Lobbying Government: A guide to lobbying on housing issues, by David Curry. Published by CIH.


Council Housing: Financing the Future, by Graham Moody. Published by CIH.


Consensus for Change: Public borrowing rules, housing investment and the City, by Coopers and Lybrand. Published by CIH.


An article more-than-bricks-and-mortar-the-shape-of-housing-management-in-britain published in the US journal Housing Policy Debate.

Challenging the Conventions: Public borrowing rules and housing investment, by John Hawksworth and Steve Wilcox. Published by CIH.